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Our objective was to provide architectural and project management services for our client, Ron Jon surf Shop
in Cocoa Beach, Florida.  Working closely with the client,
our Project Manager produced CAD generated contract drawings as well as interviewed, recommended and
supervised forty individual sub-contractors to bring the
project to completion.

Ron Jon Surf Shop
Ship Bottom, NJ

The 10,000 square foot design, based on the parent store in Florida, is built on piling cap footings with an AAB Building System foundation.  The construction is steel frame with metal studding. 

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The facade is Exterior Insulation and Finish system, in colors reminiscent of South Miami
Beach's Art Deco District.  The display windows are large, single pane, 3/4 tempered glass ranging
in size from 12 to 25 feet high and can withstand winds up to 120 MPH. 
The interior design is an open floor plan with three levels and a mezzanine.

Long Beach Township
Municipal Building

Our aim was to produce a design that would comfortably service the current demands of a busy municipality and easily expand along with the growing needs of the surrounding community.

The 15,000 square foot building is joined to the existing police station via corridors.   The building houses public meeting rooms, general and administrative offices and third floor storage that was planned to be easily converted to additional office space if necessary.
The township is currently busy preparing a municipal park of our design that will enhance the landscape in front of both buildings.

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